STARBOARD 2024 Wingboard Foil




Olympic windsurfing and thin performance surfboards inspired this design.

The Wingboard is the board designed for maximum progression, early and gradual lift onto the foil, more control and agile flight, super easy touchdowns.

Our 2024 Wingboard design is designed to get you up and foiling, aimed at beginner to intermediate foilers wanting to progress their foiling to the next level, with design language borrowed from our windsurf development team.

A comprehensive six-board range allows foilers of all sizes to enjoy the sensation of flight.

Other sizes and  constructions are available on pre-order. Call to discuss delivery options.

Dimensions Construction Availability Volume  Rider Weight Ideal for:
5ft 2in x 26in Blue Carbon Stock 80 lts Up to 70 kg Foil
5ft  8in x 27in Blue Carbon Stock 95 lts Up to 85 kg Foil
6ft 5in x 28.5in Lite Tech Stock 115 lts Up to 105kg Foil
7ft 1in x 32in Lite Tech Stock 140 lts Up to 130kg Foil
5ft 2in x 26in Lite Tech Blue Stock 80 lts Up to 70 kg Foil
5ft  8in x 27in Lite Tech Blue stock 95 lts Up to 85 kg Foil

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NEW CURVED INNER CHANNEL Accelerates the water and creates a rocking effect that helps the board get into a lift position.

NEW THE “CUTAWAYS” At the tail act as stabilizers while lifting out of the water when the board gains speed, reducing the wetted surface and allowing the board to accelerate smoothly while on

NEW THE ANGLED TAIL Helps make the critical transition from water to air seamless, while the sharp rails are vital to accelerate into early lift and flight.

NEW A DEEP V Flows all the way from the nose to the foil, making it easy to get airborne in choppy waters and letting the board skim during touchdowns for easy rebound.

NEW EXTRAORDINARY FLIGHT CONTROL AND STABILITY Come from the reduced thickness in the standing area, as your feet are close to the foil, much like a thin surfboard.

NEW THE TAIL AREA Has added volume right behind your back foot, while the side of the tail is carefully rounded for nice air flow when you hit higher speeds, giving you a smooth and stable flight.

NEW THE TAIL CUTAWAY Lets the foil sit further forward, reducing the board area in front of you and creating a more maneuver-oriented feel.

NEW THE “CUTAWAY” VOLUME Is reduced at the tail, so when you come down for a landing, the board’s nose will easily angle itself upwards towards flight mode

NEW THE “ROUNDED OFF” NOSE Reduces board length, allowing you to have a shorter, more controllable, and more agile board.

NEW MULTIPLE FOOT STRAP POSITIONS Help you choose wider or more narrow straps.

Designed for the best comfort and performance in wingboarding, utilising the best Yulex neoprene construction in the industry to deliver a soft and secure footstrap.
With a 60 degree angle, the new footstrap is designed to perfectly mould to the shape of your foot when inserted in our range of foil boards.
Multiple footstrap screw holes are built into the reinforced yulex, giving riders the adjustability to angle the footstrap in their preferred riding position and angle.

NEW BOARD SOCK Reduces paper waste while protecting your board from dust, scratches, and UV damage. Made with stretchable polyester, it fits various board shapes. Ensure optimal board maintenance with the iconic blue Board Sock, featuring a secure drawstring closure.

Measure from the nose of the board
4’4″ 4cm // 4’8″ 14cm // 5’2″ 17cm // 5’8″17cm // 6’5″ 23cm

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