Starboard 2023 Lite Tech Allround Paddle Boards


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Blend Element
This paddle board is the ultimate all-rounder for lightweight riders, a favorite in the saves! Shorter length maintains glide with easier maneuverability while making it lighter to carry and easier to store.

This is a highly popular and stable paddle board that surprises with incredible wave riding ability.

This board is faster and more stable than any other boards with an over-sized bottom concave, flatter middle rocker and voluminous rails.
It has single fin set up and comes with Starboard Net Positive 9” fin.


Board Specification:

Model Dimensions Volume lts Ideal for:
Blend Element  9ft 8ins x 30in x 4.1in 146 All Round, Flatwater
Whopper 10ft 0in x 34in x 4.3in 174 All Round, Flatwater
Go 10ft 8in x 31in x 4.5in 192 All Round, Flatwater
Go 11ft 2in x 32in x 4.7in 217 All Round, Flatwater

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  • Extra rigidity with introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail / nose reinforcements.
  • Australian pine on standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity in the most critical area.
  • All inserts have added high density foam reinforcements.

Since Starboard started making boards 25 years ago, they have won more awards and world titles than they could ever imagine. Starboard have offered an ambitious board range to remain cutting edge in all things paddle boarding. Striving to always be ahead with brand new products and technologies each year has increased production complexity and cost. Starboard have chosen their most popular shapes and set up a lean efficient production line to make them better value the world over.

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