Panda Leash Waist Quick Release Belt


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A Quick Release system must be used on all flowing water to avoid entrapment with moorings and buoyage.

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* 50mm Nexus Cam Lock Buckle for Quick Release.
* 50 inch Nylon Belt Strap.
* 250mm centre loop for ankle leash cuff.
* Stitched with Industrial 40 Bonded Nylon Thread.
* Waterproof and Saltwater proof. Will not rot.
* ASI Approved

Directions for use:
A Quick Release system must be used on all flowing water, to include Rivers, Canals, Estuaries, Harbours, Marinas, Lakes and Reservoirs.
Quick Release systems are not required for paddling at sea.
Whilst keeping your ankle leash attached to your board, feed the ankle cuff through the loop in the centre of the belt, and attach the Velcro as usual.
Fasten the belt around your waist, feeding the free end, through the quick release buckle, and through the retainer.
Close the buckle.

IN AN EMERGENCY simply pull the yellow toggle and the belt will release instantly, freeing you from any entanglement danger.

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